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Tibetan Astrology

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Tibetan astrology (Tibetan: དཀར་རྩིསWylie: dkar rtsis) is a traditional discipline of the Tibetan peoples that has dialogued with both Chinese astrology and Indian astrology. Tibetan astrology is one of the 'Ten Sciences' (Wylie: rig-pa'i gnas bcu; Sanskrit: daśavidyā) in the enumeration honoured by this cultural tradition.[1]



[edit] Year-signs

The Year-signs cycle in an archetypal progression or continuüm:
  • Mouse/Rat
  • Bull/Elephant/Ox
  • Tiger
  • Hare
  • Dragon/naga
  • Snake/serpent
  • Horse
  • Sheep
  • Ape/Monkey
  • Bird/Rooster/FengHuang
  • Dog
  • Pig/Boar

[edit] Tibetan calendar

Gregorian yearTibetan yearLosar*element and animal
20002127February 5 – February 7iron dragon (male)
20012128January 24 – January 26iron snake (female)
20022129February 12 – February 14water horse (male)
20032130February 1 – February 3water sheep (female)
20042131January 22 – January 24wood monkey (male)
20052132February 9 – February 11*wood bird (female)
20062133January 30 – February 1fire dog (male)
20072134February 18 – February 20fire pig (female)
20082135February 8 – February 10earth rat (male)
20092136January 27 – January 29earth ox (female)
20102137February 12 - February 14iron tiger (male)
* Note: The start date of Losar depends on what time zone one is in. For example, in 2005, Losar started on February 8 in U.S. time zones and February 9 in Asia time zones. Some people began celebrating Losar on February 9 in the US.

[edit] Vaiḍūrya dKar-po (White Beryl)

The names of the chapters of the Vaiḍūrya dKar-po (the premier Tibetan text on astrological divination) are :

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[edit] Notes

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[edit] Further reading

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