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Esoteric Buddhism, by A.P. Sinnett

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Esoteric Buddhism
by A.P. Sinnett
London: Trubner & Co., 1884. Third Edition.[First Edition 1883. This 1884 edition has the same pagination & text as the original 1883 edition.]
xx + 215 pp.
Table of Contents
Title Page
Prefacepp. v-xvi
Chapter IEsoteric Teachers
Nature of the Present Exposition - Seclusion of Eastern Knowledge - The Arhats and their Attributes - The Mahatmas - Occultists generally - Isolated Mystics - Inferior Yogis - Occult Training - The Great Purpose -Its Incidental Consequences - Present Concessions
pp. 1-16
Chapter IIThe Constitution of Man
Esoteric Cosmogony - Where to Begin - Working back from Man to Universe - Analysis of Man - The Seven Principle
pp. 17-28
Chapter IIIThe Planetary Chain
Esoteric Views of Evolution - The Chain of Globes - Progress of Man round them - The Spiral Advance - Original Evolution of the Globes - The Lower Kingdoms
pp. 29-44
Chapter IVThe World Periods
Uniformity of Nature- Rounds and Races - The Septenary Law - Objective and Subjective Lives - Total Incarnations - Former Races on Earth - Periodic Cataclysms - Atlantis - Lemuria - The Cyclic Law
pp. 45-65
Chapter VDevachan
Spiritual Destinies of the Ego - Karma - Division of the Principles of Death - Progress of the Higher Duad - Existence in Devachan - Subjective Progress - Avitchi - Earthly Connection with Devachan - Devachanic Periods
pp. 66-89
Chapter VIKama LocaThe Astral Shell - Its Habitat - Its Nature - Surviving Impulses - Elementals - Mediums and Shells - Accidents and Suicides - Lost Personalitiespp. 90-107
Chapter VIIThe Human Tide-Wave
Progress of the Main Wave - Obscurations - Twilight and Dawn of
Evolution - Our Neighbouring Planets - Gradations of Spirituality -
Prematurely Developed Egos - Intervals of Re-Incarnation
pp. 108-121
Chapter VIIIThe Progress of Humanity
The Choice of Good or Evil - The Second Half of Evolution - The
Decisive Turning-point - Spirituality and Intellect - The Survival of
the Fittest - The Sixth Sense - Development of the Principles in
their Order - The Subsidence of the Unfit - Provision for All - The
Exceptional Cases - Their Scientific Explanation - Justice Satisfied - The Destiny of Failures - Human Evolution Reviewed
pp. 122-139
Chapter IXBuddha
The Esoteric Buddha - Re-Incarnations of Adepts - Buddha's
Incarnation - The Seven Buddhas of the Great Races - Avalokiteshwara - Addi Buddha - Adeptship in Buddha's Time - Sankaracharya - Vedantin Doctrines - Tsong-ka-pa - Occult Reforms in Tibet
pp. 140-159
Chapter XNirvana
Its Remoteness - Preceding Gradations - Partial Nirvana - The
Threshold of Nirvana - Nirvana - Para Nirvana - Buddha and Nirvana - Nirvana attained by Adepts - General Progress towards Nirvana - Conditions of its Attainment - Spirituality and Religion - The Pursuit of Truth
pp. 160-170
CHAPTER XI The Universe
The Days and Night of Brahma - The Various Manvantaras and Pralayas - The Solar System - The Universal Pralaya - Recommencement of Evolution - "Creation" - The Great First Cause - The Eternal Cyclic Process
pp. 171-184
CHAPTER XIIThe Doctrine Reviewed
Correspondences of the Esoteric Doctrine with Visible Nature - Free Will and Predestination - The Origin of Evil - Geology, Biology, and the Esoteric Teaching - Buddhism and Scholarship - The Origins of all Things - The Doctrine as Distorted - The Ultimate Dissolutions of Consciousness - Transmigration - The Soul and the Spirit - Personality and Individuality - Karma
pp. 185-215
This gateway page to the "Google" book above is published by Blavatsky Study Center.

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